Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mom's 80th Birthday Necklace

My mom's favorite color is red. Over the years I have made several beaded beads in the color combo of red-black-silver-white. I have also collected various beads in these colors, in hopes of one day making a beautiful necklace for my mom.

This summer the whole family is gathering at Conesus Lake to celebrated Mom's 80th birthday. Seems like as good a time as any to present her with this long thought-about necklace.

Eight of the beads on this necklace are beaded beads that I made. The two large, oval beaded beads were designed by Sharri Moroshok. There is an oval, wooden bead in the center. I took a class from her several years ago. She sells these beaded beads for arouond $65, and believe me, they are worth every penny!! They take several hours to make, and LOTS of concentration.

Another of the beaded beads (black with red diagonal stripes) is a Wonder Bead. Susan Jackson and Wendy Hubick designed these beads, and directions have been various magazines and books.

The other beaded beads were probably from instructions found in various books and magazines.

The rest of the large beads are bali silver balls, red and black "skunk" beads. I strung them all together with black seed beads and various crystals and spacers.

Happy Birthday Mom!

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