Saturday, January 10, 2009

"A Year in Beads" a year late!

In January 2007 I decided to keep a blog of my beading for the year. Following my strict rules of promptness, I am making my first post, in January 2008. So, it must follow that I will track my 2008 beading, not my 2007 beading!

Now that that is settled, I post my first beading project of the new year. This bead embroidered piece was quite a challenge for me. I had done several pieces in this color combination with much success, but really struggled with this piece. Once I got over the hump it all came together quickly. Next time I need to get over that hump a lot quicker.

Besides learning to blog, I am also working on photography. I am happy with the layout of this photo, but the colors aren't quite true. The blues are really a bit darker, a steely grey-blue. Very elegant.

The centerpiece is an amber colored druzy quarts. It hwas a little sparkle too it. The cabochon in the clasp is the same. I've incorporated many sizes of seed beads, several pressed flowers and leaves, a few Swavroski crystals, as well as some firepolished beads.


Jessie said...

the photo is great! beautiful beadwork!!

Jean Campbell said...

Better late than never, Ms. Lauri! The piece looks great--you do dang nice work.