Friday, January 16, 2009

Flying Lady

I hope to add at leat a piece a week to this blog. This week I started what I lovingly refer to as a big "honking" collar. Not something I can finish in a week. I was going to whip up and "instant gratification piece" today, but got sucked back into the "honking" piece. So, instead I decided to post this currently unfinished piece, in hopes that it would inspire me to complete it.

I didn't actually do this piece this week, but I do need to finish it... or is it finished? I can't decide if I want to add a fringe or not. It looks kind of cool without one, but lately I've been enjoying wild fringe. I have lots of cool beads for the fringe. Maybe posting this will get me going.

The necklace has a ceramic face, possibly from Earthenwood Studios, since they carry ceramic faces just like this one. There is also a flat backed teall crystal, and a pretty teall pressed glass leaf. I thought about giving her wings, because she reminds me of my friend, Star, who loves bees. The bead embroidery is mostly with size 15 seed beads, and also size 11's. There are also somed 4mm Swavroski teall crystals.

The 20" strap has 11 and 8 seeds, Russian Amazonit, goldish potato pearls, 4mm firepolished beads, 4 and 6 mm Swavroski crystals, and some random light green rondelles that are some sort of stone!

Once again, the color isn't true (even though I used the good camera this time!). The purples are darker than the picture, and the greens are more of a teallish tone. (teallish?)

Any opinion on to fringe or not to fringe is welcome.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

"A Year in Beads" a year late!

In January 2007 I decided to keep a blog of my beading for the year. Following my strict rules of promptness, I am making my first post, in January 2008. So, it must follow that I will track my 2008 beading, not my 2007 beading!

Now that that is settled, I post my first beading project of the new year. This bead embroidered piece was quite a challenge for me. I had done several pieces in this color combination with much success, but really struggled with this piece. Once I got over the hump it all came together quickly. Next time I need to get over that hump a lot quicker.

Besides learning to blog, I am also working on photography. I am happy with the layout of this photo, but the colors aren't quite true. The blues are really a bit darker, a steely grey-blue. Very elegant.

The centerpiece is an amber colored druzy quarts. It hwas a little sparkle too it. The cabochon in the clasp is the same. I've incorporated many sizes of seed beads, several pressed flowers and leaves, a few Swavroski crystals, as well as some firepolished beads.